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Small & medium dogs are our specialty.

San Francisco is a great place for dogs, but it can be tough finding time for all the exercise and socialization that every dog needs to remain happy and healthy. Got Doggies? is here to help you! I specialize in serving small and medium dogs: 

  • All dogs need exercise, even the smallest ones. 
  • Dogs need social time with other dogs for their own well-being, to reduce anxiety, and to improve their behavior. 
  • Small dogs need a safe environment and secure group while walking.
  • We've seen the results: a tired dog is a happy dog!  

As a small dog owner myself, I understand the need for safety. Your best friend will be secure from accidental injury by a larger animal during walks, car rides, and play sessions. 

Our Services

Got Doggies? offers many services, including:

  • Personal services from me as a solo operator. I am the only person who will handle your pet. 
  • Services for dogs in The Castro, The Mission, Haight-Ashbury, and adjacent neighborhoods. 
  • Dog walking adventures for your pet, including Golden Gate Park, Buena Vista Park, Sutro Park, Dolores Park, and many other beautiful places throughout The City.
  • Dog boarding in my home. 
  • Overnight doggie guests are treated like family.
  • Emergency pickup and drop off services when you can't leave work.
  • Medications administered on schedule.
  • Fluent in English, French, Italian and Spanish – your dogs will hear familiar words and commands.
  • Centrally located with easy access to all city neighborhoods.

Remo Cippa is a registered and licensed commercial dog walking service in San Francisco.  He is trained and certified in Pet CPR by Pet Tech, and is a member of and insured through Pet Sitters Associates

Dog Boarding


Doggie guests stay in a cozy home, with access to a beautifully landscaped back yard. They can choose where they want to sleep, including on the bed, and will have plenty of companionship with our happy Chihuahua ambassador, Chito. 

They will have multiple walks during the day, and they will be safe and secure. 

If needed, medications are given on schedule, and I am trained and certified in Pet CPR for emergencies. 


Call 415-627-7229 to discuss your specific needs. 

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